Crossing the Threshold!

Carried across the threshold….into a land of dreams. And – what do I do? I stare at the landscape in fear. Knees buckle and I go to mush. Oh my gosh. It’s here. Can I do this?? The taste and smell are intoxicating. I’ve worked and learned and studied for the last few years or this. But am I good enough? No.

Wait. Let me rephrase that. This is my purpose, my design, my dream – and God made me for this – and carried me into it to begin with. So what if I have to keep working a full-time job as well? Is it any different than coping with a new 4 month old baby – like I did for both past books? Can’t be. So, if He brought me this far, He’s going give me the strength and creative inspiration to take it into the end zone. A touch-down! Let’s go with that.


I have the honor of giving Kathleen Pelley’s sweet book a face. From her rich Irish heritage and storytelling father, Kathleen writes with gorgeous poetic rhythm and language:

“Happy Mamas’ is a picture book for babies and toddlers with rich poetic text depicting a range of animals and humans with their babies, and asks the question at different times of day, “What makes Mama happy? It ends with every Mama’s favorite – snuggles at bedtime!”


She’s also the published author of: The Giant King, Inventor McGregor, Magnus Maximus, Raj the Bookstore Tiger, and her recent, The Sandal Artist. Visit her site:

No finished sketches yet, just this preliminary page idea. But I will post as I go along. Will you come along for the journey?



Here’s Kathleen, me, and my SCBWI mentor Elizabeth Rawls this week – toasting with a celebratory drink!