Finished Wine Label!

DONE! (Sorry I didn't post earlier) The final label, completed in March, for Flora Springs, who commissioned me to do their 'DASHAWAY' holiday wine label - a special limited run chardonnay wine (200 cases). It will be bottled in September, so you can order soon! They are an amazing family-run vineyard (own 1/3 Napa Valley grape-producing land) and they bottle only a small amount of special wine themselves each year from the best grapes. I can't wait to try it!

Flora Springs' 'DASHAWAY' holiday wine label


Feb 23, 2017:

Oooh! Isn't it exciting? I'm currently illustrating a wine bottle label for Flora Springs - a special limited release holiday wine to be released at the end of the year! I am thrilled to be asked!

Flora Springs is the third largest vineyard in Napa Valley, CA, sells up to 80% of their grapes to surrounding producers, but saves a select harvest hand-picked by their winemaker to produce a limited batch every year. How VERY special! I have the honor of making one of those labels! I'll post the art once it's all approved. Here's a teaser sketch...