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Illustration from The Kissing Hand chosen for Bruce Museum 3/26/16

An illustration from the Kissing Hand was selected for an exhibit at the Bruce Museum in Greenwich, CT.

The exhibit is titled Wild Reading: Animals in Children’s Book Art and will be open from March 26, 2016 through July 3, 2016. The Bruce is an art and natural history museum with an extensive collection of taxidermy animal specimens. This exhibit will pair taxidermy mounts with examples of the animals as they are depicted in original children’s book art. Each label will compare taxidermy specimens with the original art work to discuss each animal’s specific features. See:

Chester kissing mom's hand.jpg

The Kissing Hand illustrations captured the attention of curators for "their realistic, yet sweet, depictions of raccoons."

What an exciting Honor! I hope many little kiddos get to enjoy all the art! And I hope someone sends me PICTURES of all that :)