Welcome to JohnsonInk - the other half of Ruth. Yes - I'm now a Johnson. It's not complicated :)

For over thirty (30) years, graphic and logo design, branding expertise, and illustrating have meshed blissfully in my creative spaces. Ever since 1985, in fact, when those lovely little sticky registration marks had to be applied to all the amberlith layers for color separation. I was the one who did the fun, tricky stuff and pressmen responded with rolled eyes.

I did, indeed, jump into the 21st century. I know, right? Now I use a Mac and an iPad Pro (Procreate) - and boy, do I LOVE that stuff! Well, along with REAL paint and pretty inks in a delicious collection of fountain pens. Hand inking and lettering is my FAVE.

Hand over your illustration, design project, or logo challenge, and I'll come up with something you love. That's a promise. Especially if it's hand lettering. You can follow me on Instagram to see all that in one place - @rutheharper. Call, or mail me at johnson.inked at gmail.

Cheers! Ruth