From England to USA to England - with kisses

This sweet note arrived after I spoke at a local elementary school in Glenwood, IA, where I met this LOVELY lady. She shared the following: 

"In 1997, our little family (husband Brad, son Ian, and I) moved to Portsmouth, England, where Brad would be doing an exchange tour with the Royal Navy. Ian had turned 4 in April and would be headed off to reception in August 1998. My mom sent us a copy of the book The Kissing Hand. She thought Ian and I could read it before school started and he could take the concept of the Kissing Hand along with him to help ease the transition. We read the book several times and he did just fine.

Our little neighbor boy, Matthew, however, was very, very sad. He cried at school drop off every morning for several months. I lent the book to his mom, Rebecca, in hopes that it would help him understand a way to carry his mom's love with him during the day while he was at school. Sure enough, they kept it for several weeks. I told my Mom about it and she sent another copy over from the States so Matthew could have his own. I remember seeing him at school drop off time in the morning holding his hand out so Rebecca could place a kiss there. On the playground once or twice I saw him holding his hand to his cheek.

Isn't it funny how you came from England then your book made it's way back to that country? Such a small world.

Thanks so much, Marietta"

My heart is warmed and so delighted at this!!